Membership Information

Budgets are tight but you are not alone!

We get it! We've got you covered!

TLE has sponsors who donate funds to offset the cost of membership to our organization. We believe that by enabling members to join, despite budgetary restrictions, promotes leaders and their non-profit organizations to grow.

Key Focus Points

Wheel and Spoke Infographic

Member Benefits

  •   Coaching – each month your coach will present leadership education and wisdom exchange. This coaching is designed to help you grow as a leader in a corporate environment.
    • Leadership Skills
    •   Team Engagement
    •   Organizational Operating System
    •   Lx THE MAP
    •   Business Acumen
  •   Peer Group – Join a group that meets monthly where members present leadership challenges and the community will use it’s collective experience and wisdom to help you solve issues and connect resources.
  •   One-on-One Coaching – Meet your coach for a confidential focused coaching session where you will be challenged to reached new leadership potentials.